Surving Disaster On a Ventilator


Now that summer is nearly upon us I thought it would be helpful to share a true story about survival, disaster recovery, and disaster planning.

This link:

describes what it took to help one man survive in New York City during Superstorm Sandy last year.

The article was written by Crystal, who says this about herself: “I live an active life from a wheelchair due to mitochondrial myopathy (neuromuscular disease) and prefer to stay focused on what I can still do, instead of things I can’t! I strongly believe a DIY lifestyle is awesome Occupational Therapy! :)”

Being on a vent without electrical power can obviously be life threatening and totally unnerving!  Don’t let Mother Nature catch you off guard and unprepared.  Here in California, power outages occasionally happen due to winter storms.  As residents here know, the summer also brings a real risk of unexpected power outages resulting from wildfires and heatwaves.  Are you or do you know someone that is vent dependent?  Do you have a story of survival to share?  Are you ready for the next disaster, whether it be earthquake, bad weather, fire, or power outage? If so, please head over to the Patterson-Net discussion form at: and tell us your story. You’ll need to create an account on the forum, but that’s really easy to do!  We look forward to hearing from you.

We are thinking of posting a series of articles on disaster preparedness and recovery here on this blog.  If that sounds useful to you, please post a reply to this article.



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